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Lehman's Catalog Package Inserts

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The Lehmans Catalog offers customers simple products for a simpler life. The catalog supplies customers with high quality, practical and authentic goods, many made in America. Thousands of products connect to the lifestyle customers are seeking; gardening, food preservation, healthy living, buying locally, self-sufficiency, and more. Whether the customer is serious about living a life independent from electricity and fossil fuels, or simply curious about organic and lowtech solutions, Lehmans provides that connection. Oil Lamps, butter churns, water pumps, tin toys, non-electric appliances, hand tools, and kitchen gadgets its like 10 stores in one!


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Key Stats

United States
Package Inserts
12 per year


Insert Minimum Specs: 3.00" X 4.00"
Insert Maximum Specs: 5.50" X 8.50"
Insert Max Weight: 0.25oz

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